Our main objective is the build European partnership to spread the power of ODA practices in the healing process of the patients with psychosis. The project will be oriented to gather the existing knowledge, competences and experiences in the countries which started ODA in Europe (Finland, Norway, Denmark) and help these countries which joint the group later (Germany, Lithuania, Austria and Poland).



  1. Improve the social network orientation in all participating countries and thus optimize the use of national resources, both professional and the patient and their network.
  2. Organize different kinds of educational programs for professionals/employees in implementing ODA.
  3. Create meetings and workshops concerning ODA to learn from each other and exchange experiences between the professional workers both national and international
  4. Arrange a regional education programmes for employees
  5. Arrange open workshops
  6. Write book about the Danish experiences in ODA.
  7. Organize on international level annual conferences to exchange the experiences in ODA.
  8. Organize training courses for mental health specialists on basic and advanced level.
  9. Seminars for mental health specialists
  10. Workshops of these specialists with case analysis (4 per year).
  11. Supervision of the ODA therapists.
  12. Develop International webside to exchange the experiences between countries/partners/specialists.
  13. Gathering best practices and publish them. in a book.
  14. Prepare teachers manual for the ODA course (inetnational and local level).
  15. Prepare trainees manual for the ODA course (inetnational and local level).

Each partner has their own list of specific goals, activities and expected results.

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