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Partners Meeting in Wrocław, 7-8th May 2015

On the 7-8th Wroclaw was a place of meeting 9 partners from 6 countries involved in Leonardo Da Vinci Project 2013-2015. The event was provided for a general summary of two-year partnership and cooperation. Apart from tasks concerning finantial, formal matters and preparing final report, the main goal of the meeting was to create a space for a dialogue about past activities, achieved goals, sharing with thoughts and dilemmas and planning for future.

We had a pleasure to host a special guest form Turino, Italy – Mr Giuseppe Salamina, who was speaking about italian way of deinstitutionalisation, giving a proof of successful transformation of the system. His supportive hints and shared experiences enriched our discussion with a new perspective. History of last decades of  systhemic changes in Trieste and Turino set an example of well-considered actions, which – with an input of Open Dialogue could bring long-awaited results in many european countries.

Sadness of farewell was alleviated by the thought that the effects of our cooperation are durable – we managed to create and consolidate a network of proffessionals. Now there is a time to think about filling this friendly, supportive space with specific goals to make our ‚being in a dialogue’ even more fruitful. May the courage of planning and sharing different ideas and communicationg one’s own needs be a proof of robustness of our connection!


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